Living In Freedom Everyday

An initiative of Sri PH Subbarayappa and BV Krishnashastri Society

From the Project Co-ordinator’s Desk………

Born in a family where education is given the highest priority, meeting up with some failures in the education career in initial days of my schooling, seeing people striving hard to acquire education and having a dream to come up with unique schools where the school can impart education with value systems embedding with in itself which will be an inspiration and motivational centre for the students, have come up with an initiative called LIFE – Living in Freedom Everyday.

Globalization has had a mixed impact on India’s development in the past two decades, the knowledge-based society created as a result of a revolution in information and technology and communication has disparately impacted urban and rural India. Benefits of overall economic development of the country have not extended to cover basic necessities in rural India and amongst the urban poor. The urban and rural divide is greater than ever before and India’s top down approach with the entitlement programs, including health and poverty elimination, education related problems, etc. continues to face systematic challenges.

The rise of various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has the potential to help address systematic and policy issues that affect the developmental programs in India. Policy development, implementation and impact of entitlement programs are largest when informed from grass-root level participation through systematic research and advocacy. Such a strategy also has the potential to enhance public participation, increase governmental accountability and improve program impacts.

Unfortunately, the divide between academic research in public policy and grass-root organisations represented by NGOs is exceptionally wide. Often policy research is informed by aggregated data not representative of the needs of micro-communities inducing an ecological bias. This could lead to the development of a wrong framework for program implementation. Involvement of NGOs in grass-roots research has the potential for improved investment in programs by the NGOs themselves providing for increased accountability of the NGOs. Participation by NGO practitioners in public policy research has the potential to understand the grass-roots level realities better, articulate it in a language the policy planners understand and help enrich the state level interventions. It has the added incentive of capacity building of the NGOs along with facilitating ongoing knowledge transfer between the macro and the micro levels.

Keeping the initiative in mind, I think, sometimes the rich may be able to surpass these problems but what about the poor? How shall they survive? What are sustainable solutions for them? This call of the poor urged formation of the NGOs and planning & implementation of projects covering these crisis areas. We as a team in our initiative will try to walk innovative paths to reach the goal.

Education is a fundamental right to all. NGOs are working intensively with their objectives throughout India and assisting Government of India. More over Government of India emphasis on ‘The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education as per RTE Act, 2009 under Article 21-A which says that every child has a right to full time elementary education of satisfactory and equitable quality in a formal school which satisfies certain essential norms and standards’.

So, LIFE is an initiative taken up to guide students of rural areas and prevent drop-out of the students from the primary, upper primary and higher secondary schooling with a particular VISION and MISSION.

VISION: Lending help to the students of rural areas, to continue Schooling

MISSION: To bring down the drop-out rate that of the prevailing drop-out rate at primary, upper primary and higher secondary schooling in 3 blocks of Hoshangabad district, in 1 year.

.............................................................Sujay Raju H

Project Co-ordinator

LIFE - Living In Freedom Everyday